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Скачать Target Band 7 - IELTS Academic Module (How to Maximize Your Score) бесплатно

pass: http://englishtips.org

Возможен пароль: http://englishtips.org

3 reasons why you need this guide:

  • Only because after you have read it – there will be absolutely NO SURPRISES: you will know exactly what you need to do, when, why and how. You will get into your examiners' head and understand completely what they are looking for.

  • Only because it summarizes all the techniques, strategies and tips you need to know and will save you tons of time and money.

  • Only because it was tested on many students with different English skills, who achieved their target score after just 1 month of studying with it.

“What is so great about this book?”

  • It is written in simple everyday English anyone can understand

  • It guides you through Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking tests

  • It protects you from walking into IELTS traps (and there are many!)

  • It gives you clear and simple tips how to do Academic IELTS tasks

  • It tells you how to make the best impression on your examiner

  • It teaches you great techniques to do things FAST

  • It shows you how to manage your time

  • It has examples for every task you may ever see in IELTS

  • It supplies you with Pocket tips - little reminders you can take everywhere with you.

  • It makes you practice, practice, practice

  • It will get you ready for IELTS in just one month – that’s a promise!


Размер файла: 2MB

Формат Файла: PDF


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