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Скачать The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th ed. бесплатно

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The new 12th Edition debuts 300 new questions (and answer explanations) 260 of which have not been seen in any of our other study materials. We’ve also updated answer explanations for many questions to make them easier to follow and understand.

Other features of the Guide include:

  • A total of 907 questions and thorough answer explanations for each
  • 100-question diagnostic test
  • 807 practice questions in order of difficulty
  • 270 essay topics, sample responses, and scoring information
  • Comprehensive math and grammar reviews
  • The truth about the Top 10 GMAT myths
  • Tips to prepare for the GMAT exam

Get your study materials straight from the source—the experts on the GMAT exam.

There is no overlap between questions found in The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition, The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, and GMATPrep®.  The new practice questions in the 12th Edition replace 300 practice questions from the 11th  Edition. The remaining questions overlap.





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