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Скачать Twelve-Step Fandango бесплатно

Twelve-Step Fandango
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks | ISBN: 0060585390 | edition 2004 | PDF | 352 pages | 1 mb

Haslam's perpetually stoned protagonist, Martin Brock, a throwback to the seventies, would give the venerable Hunter Thompson a run for his money in the staggering amount of pharmaceuticals he ingests on a daily basis. Englishman Martin is on a serious downward spiral, living in a ruined castle on the Spanish coast; dealing overpriced, stepped-on drugs to the tourists; being henpecked by a coke-addicted harridan; and consorting with an overly paranoid motley crew of expatriates. Droll and self-deprecating, Martin is all too aware of the rut he is in. Then an old friend appears and promptly dies, leaving Martin five kilos of cocaine so pure he gets brain freeze just looking at it. But the drugs bring in their wake a set of ruthless gangsters. Showing more ambition than he has in years, Martin refuses to tell them where he has stashed the coke, leading them on a merry chase through the foothills, wheezing all the way. A memorable debut novel full of high energy and dark wit.

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