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Скачать New Harlequin Titles (May-Jun 2009) - 6 Books бесплатно

New Harlequin Titles (May-Jun 2009) - 6 Books
Harlequin | 2009 | ISBN: n/a | 6 Books | 3-lit,3-html | 1.75 MB

Cara Summers - Twin Temptation (June 2009)
Maddie Farrell is about to get a double surprise - not only is she an heiress, she has a secret twin sister! What's more, their inheritance depends on temporarily switching places.
Unexpected bonus? Sex with her sister's superhot roommate, Jase Campbell! But he's just a passing - if mind-blowing - distraction. Because as soon as the twin switch is over, Maddie's heading home. Unless she can't outrun the killer who'd rather see her dead than inherit. Or Jase, who'd like to keep blowing her mind - permanently!

Cindi Myers - The Man Most Likely (May 2009)
With her voluptuous, plus-size figure, Angela Krizova knows she doesn't fit the male fantasy of the perfect woman. That's fine, because Bryan Perry isn't her idea of the ideal man, either. The gorgeous ski-bum-turned-corporate-exec is just the type she avoids like the plague.

Except he won't take no for an answer. With Bryan pursuing her as if she's the most desirable woman in Crested Butte, Angela's starting to believe it just a little herself. Is the most irresistible guy in town really falling for her? Or is he the man most likely to break her heart?

Crystal Green - When the Sun Goes Down (June 2009)
Juliana Thompsen always hated her family's ridiculous feud with the Coles. Especially since sexy Tristan Cole has haunted her hottest dreams since high school! But now she's traveling to exotic, erotic Japan on family business, and she's looking for someone to make her forget all those naughty thoughts about Tristan.

Until he shows up on his own family business! And once they both realize the sexual heat burning between them is mutual, they decide to indulge in all the sensual experiences Japan has to offer.

Their encounter is wild. Hot. Unrestrained! And it turns out to be much more than a fling. But will their love last once the sun goes down?

Doranna Durgin - [Sentinels 01] - Jaguar Night (May 2009)
At dusk he prowled the Southwest, a huge, sleek black jaguar with startling blue eyes and a man's thoughts. A shape-shifting Sentinel, Dolan Trevio projected an intensely animalistic aura that hid the scars of his past. Yet as fierce as his pride was, this immensely powerful guardian needed the intuition and spirit of an innocent horse trainer to find redemption.

The moment he set foot on her ranch, Meghan Lawrence rejected the shape-shifter's protection - but she couldn't turn her back on her family legacy. Her mother had died protecting a magical manuscript that the Sentinels' dark counterparts would now do anything to recover. With an unbreakable will and all-consuming passion, only Dolan possessed the strength to save Meghan. But was she strong enough to tame the beast within?

Heather MacAllister – Undressed (June 2009)
These weddings are starting with a bang!
They never thought a fitting would lead to erotic confessions! But thanks to one very thin wall between the dressing rooms in a bridal shop and a tuxedo boutique, four lucky couples are about to be enlightened - and delightfully satisfied..
The bridal shop's assistant manager hears a very suggestive song from the dressing room next door.
An arranged marriage isn't always about love. But for one Indian couple, it might be about transcendent sex!
A bride-to-be has a flirtatious exchange through the wall.unknowingly with her fianc's twin brother..
When a groom decides to surprise his busy fiance with a romantic escape, he's in for a sexy shock. Because he accidentally kidnaps the wrong woman!

Linda O. Johnston - Back to Life (June 2009)
From the second she reaches for his hand, Skye Rydell feels compelled to save the SWAT officer from the brink of death. Skye senses Trevor has something more to accomplish in life. Something disquieting. Important. Something involving her. Skye makes a split-second decision and, with her choice to use her Valkyrie powers to bring Trevor back to life, everything changes. For her act causes her to accidentally impart her deadly powers to Trevor.. And now, with a murderer hot on their heels, Trevor must grapple with his new gift, his fierce desire for Skye - and a monumental decision that will put all that he holds most dear on the line!

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