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Скачать Charlotte Bronte, "Jane Eyre" (Norton Critical Editions), 3rd Edition бесплатно

Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre (Norton Critical Editions), 3rd Edition

Charlotte Bronte, "Jane Eyre" (Norton Critical Editions), 3rd Edition
W.W. Norton & Co. | 3rd Edition | 2001 | ISBN: 0393975428 | 550 pages | siPDF | 7.7 MB

This perennially popular Norton Critical Edition again reprints, with expanded explanatory footnotes, the 1848 third edition text, the last corrected by Charlotte Bront.

The newly expanded and reorganized "Contexts" section provides an extensive sampling of materials concerning Bront's experiences as a student, governess, and teacher, experiences that influenced her portrayal of Jane Eyre at Lowood school and as the governess of Thornfield Hall. New to the Third Edition are illustrations from and commentary upon Bront's use of Thomas Bewick's History of British Birds. Numerous letters document Jane Eyre's publication and reception history, including Bront's retorts to negative reviews by Elizabeth Rigby and The Christian Remembrancer. Expanded excerpts from Elizabeth Gaskell's The Life of Charlotte Bront provide a fellow novelist's comments upon Bront as a woman author and help to explain Bront's reactions to her critics.

"Criticism" retains major feminist readings by Adrienne Rich and Sandra M. Gilbert and newly includes essays by Jerome Beaty, Lisa Sternlieb, Jeffrey Sconce, and Donna Marie Nudd.

A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are included.


Preface to the Third Norton Critical Edition
The Text of Jane Eyre

 Charlotte Bront as Student, Governess, and Teacher
 School Register: Clergy Daughters' School
 Report of the Cowan Bridge School for Clergymen's Daughters
 From The Children's Friend
 Charlotte Bront at Roe Head
  Christine Alexander • Introduction to Bront's Juvenilia
  "Well, here I am at Roe Head"
  "Now as I have a little bit of time"
  "All this day I have been in a dream"
  "I'm just going to write because I cannot help it"
  "My compliments to the weather"
  "About a week since I got a letter from Branwell"
  From "Henry Hastings"
  Farewell to Angria
 Charlotte's and Jane's Illustrated Book
  To W. S. Williams, March 11, 1848
  Vignettes from Bewick
  Jane W. Stedman • Charlotte Bront and Bewick's "British Birds"
 Charlotte Bront as Governess
  To Emily J. Bront, June 8, 1839
  To Ellen Nussey, June 30, 1839
  To W. S. Williams, May 12, 1848
  "The Governess-Grinders"
 Charlotte Bront and Her Publishers, Reviewers, and First Biographer
  To Smith, Elder, & Co., August 7, 1847
  To Smith, Elder, & Co., August 24, 1847
  To Smith, Elder, & Co., September 12, 1847
  To W. S. Williams, October 28, 1847
  To W. S. Williams, January 28, 1848
  To G. H. Lewes, November 6, 1847
  G. H. Lewes, Fraser s Magazine, December 1847
  To W. S. Williams, December 11, 1847
  To W. S. Williams, August 14, 1848
  To W. S. Williams, Early September 1848
 The Christian Remembrancer and The Quarterly
  From The Christian Remembrancer, January 1848
  Elizabeth Rigby, The Quarterly Review, December 1848
  To W. S. Williams, January 2, 1849
  To W. S. Williams, February 10[?], 1849
  To W. S. Williams, August 16, 1849
  From "A Word to The Quarterly"
 Elizabeth Gaskell
  Charlotte Bront and the Critics
  Charlotte Bront: Author and Woman
  First Impressions of Charlotte Bront
  Charlotte Bront at Home
  Charlotte Bront's Working Habits

 Adrienne Rich • Jane Eyre: The Temptations of a Motherless Woman
 Sandra M. Gilbert • A Dialogue of Self and Soul: Plain Jane's Progress
 Jerome Beaty • St. John's Way and the Wayward Reader
 Lisa Sternlieb • Jane Eyre: "Hazarding Confidences"
 Jeffrey Sconce • [The Cinematic Reconstitution of Jane Eyre]
 Donna Marie Nudd • The Pleasure of Intertextuality: Reading Jane Eyre Television and Film Adaptations

Charlotte Bront: A Chronology
Selected Bibliography

Tags: Literature, LiteraryCriticism, 19CEngland


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