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Скачать Tales from Shakespeare бесплатно

Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb
Publisher: Echo Library (December 19, 2006) | 192 Pages | ISBN: 1406814156 ; 0810994534 | PDF | 1.4 MB

In this charming collectible, a selection of Charles and Mary Lamb’s classic prose retellings of Shakespeare’s plays are beautifully illustrated by acclaimed artist Joelle Jolivet. The Lambs’ Shakespeare, familiar to readers since the 1800s, gets a modern twist from Jolivet’s vibrant and colorful art; Jolivet re-imagines the princes, royalty, fools, and villains from Shakespeare’s world as colorful, striking characters. From Much Ado About Nothing to Macbeth, each story features pages of illustrations that are both irreverent and wholly appropriate. Enclosed in a die-cut slipcase, the book is the perfect gift for Shakespeare fans at any age.

About the Author
Charles Lamb (born 1775) and his sister Mary Lamb (born 1764) are best known for their prose adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays, Tales from Shakespeare.

Joelle Jolivet is an internationally acclaimed illustrator. The New York Times gave her book 365 Penguins “top marks in math and art,” and Copley News Services says it’s “a heck of a lot of fun.” Publishers Weekly called her books “vibrant/dazzling” and School Library Journal said they “are aesthetically impressive as they are informative.”

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