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Скачать Deadly Letters: An English Through Stories Mystery бесплатно

Deadly Letters: An English Through Stories Mystery
ESLPOD | 2007 | American English | PDF +MP3 | 82 pages | 2 hours 23 minutes | 70 MB

Course Description:
Deadly Letters is a mystery novel written especially for adults learning English. It is written in the form of a standard mystery novel with 15 chapters, but is written at an English level that is easier to understand. Listen to each chapter read at a comfortable speed, followed by a summary of the story and a preview of the next chapter. You can follow along with a transcript of every word said in each chapter, and learn the vocabulary in each Learning Guide. Listening to this novel will help you learn useful and frequently-used words in English and is for anyone who wants to improve their general knowledge of the language.

Audio for Each Chapter:

Part 1 – Listen to a review of the previous chapter and a preview of this one
Part 2 – Listen to the story (read a little slower than native-speaker rate)
Part 2 – Listen to summary of the chapter

Learning Guide for Each Chapter:

Part 1 – Transcript of the entire chapter with every word spoken in the chapter.
Part 2 – Glossary:
a) Definitions of vocabulary
b) Sample sentences using vocabulary

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