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Скачать The Vatican conspiracy. бесплатно

Autor: Jonathan Cross, "The Vatican conspiracy".
ISBN: 0422399845 | 2006 edition | PDF | 380 Pages | 1.15 MB

Pope Francis lithcly entered into the small chapel next to his private quarters. The dark chapel was dimly lit by a row of flickering votive candles that cast a soothing splay of shadows across the ancient altar. The Pope knelt his thin, angular body before it; his white cassock cascaded across the red, soft cushion. He gently entwined the ebony rosary beads between his fingers, crossed himself in the supplicant tradition, and kissed the crucifix as he closed his eyes and began to recite out-loud the Five Holy Mysteries of the Rosary.
His nightly reverie, before bed, calmed him and connected his soul to the sublime obedience of God. During these moments of prayer, he put the chaos of his Office into perspective: the business of running the Vatican, the spiritual responsibility of guiding over onc-billion Catholics in the area of faith and morals. This was his time to commune with his own spirituality, to harmonize his soul with the peace of his Father in Heaven.
11c rolled the rosary beads, one by one, through his fingers as he chanted the Ave Maria. His voice rose into a cadence of a Gregorian chant, the beauty of the alliterated ancient Latin echoed through the chapel like a spiritual sonnet.




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