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Скачать The mystery of gamieson stone. бесплатно

Autor: Jonathan Cross, "The mystery of gamieson stone".
ISBN: 0886223594 | 2000 edition | PDF | 375 Pages | 1.07 MB

The studios of WNN (Worldwide News Network) were as hectic as usual. Producers, assistant producers, directors, assistant directors and a beehive of workers were all scurrying around pawning off papers and giving and taking orders. Cameras jostled into position as the lights focused on where Jamieson Stone would do his nightly news; the same seat he had sat in for more than twenty years.
Jane Simmons, the head assistant producer and floor manager, shouted at everyone within earshot, commanding the floor like a general. "Let's go people! Twenty minutes to airtime." Simmons had been with WNN for almost ten years. Her demeanor was always dour and abrupt, not that it was her natural personality, but she felt that it was the only way to get attention and respect. She was slated to become the show's head producer within three months. She had waited patiently for Alex Trent to retire. Even though her salary was almost double of anyone else in her position at the other networks, being the head producer of The Stone Nightly News' was her entree into an elite circle of Producers. "Johnson." she yelled, "Where's the damn teleprompter?"




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