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Скачать Body Language (Audio CD) бесплатно

James W. Hall, "Body Language (Audio CD)"
Brilliance Audio on MP3-CD Lib Ed (2009-04-17) | ISBN-10: 1423386159 | Audio CD | MP3 | 144 MB

When Alexandra Rafferty was thirteen, she was raped by the boy next door. But it didn’t stop there. He continued to threaten her; she pulled out her daddy’s handgun and, never meaning to, shot him dead. When her father, a cop, found her, he promised no one would ever find out. The secret is a lot to live with, and it has influenced Alexandra’s life. Now on the Miami PD, she lives with her father, who has Alzheimer’s, and struggles with an empty marriage to her husband. The current case she is involved with – a serial rapist who murders his victims – holds a gruesome fascination for her, since it seems to mirror her past – and she increasingly starts to see herself in the bodies left behind. Her marriage is tested by her obsession with her work and her ill father, but even more by her husband’s secret agenda: Stan has been having an affair, and has staged what he believes will be the perfect crime. Alexandra finds herself on the run – from her husband, from the people who are after her husband, and from a killer whose vow for vengeance places Alexandra in mortal danger.

Amazon.com Review:
Of all the crime writers currently mining Florida for fictional gold, James W. Hall is arguably the best at catching that state's unique topographic heartbeat. In his books about beach bum Thorne (including Buzz Cut, Mean High Tide, and Hard Aground), you can smell the ocean mixed in with the blood. Now Hall is starting a new series, about Miami police photographer Alexandra Rafferty, and readers will probably overlook the nagging feeling of some ingredients from other Florida writers tossed into the mix (Elmore Leonard's gallery of colorful sociopaths, Carl Hiaasen's over-the-top quirkiness) because of dead-on descriptions like this: "Jennifer McDougal's small white cottage at 2709 Leafy Way was wedged between two Coconut Grove mansions. To the west was a massive high-tech structure with severe angles, skylights, buttresses, heavy concrete archways, and dozens of columns holding up a grape trellis. A neon flamingo was lit up beside the massive front doors and neon numerals flickered beneath it." Alexandra is a fascinating character, wounded by a childhood rape. Very protective of her ex-policeman father who saved her then and has now slipped into senility, she deliberately keeps her talents and emotions in check. Her husband (one of those lovable Leonard lunatics) is an armored-car driver secretly planning the crime of the century, and the rest of the plot involves the search for a killer of young women who leaves his victims in unusual postures. --Dick Adler



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