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Скачать Robert Smalls Sails to Freedom (On My Own History). бесплатно

Autor: Susan Taylor Brown, "Robert Smalls Sails to Freedom (On My Own History)".
ISBN: 1575058723 | 2005 edition | PDF | 48 Pages | 6.75 MB

At die river, Robert hooked a worm on the pole.Then he handed the pole to Mr. McKee.Mr. McKee was going to have a fine day of fishing.
But it was not a fine day for Robert. It was just another day of work. Like most black people in the South. Robert Smalls was a slave. He belonged lo his master Mr. McKee, Robert worked in the master's house.lie carried firewoodand ran errands. He helped Mr McKee quo and out of his carriage. He even carried his master s gun on hunting trips.Robert was a good slaw and Mr McKee treated him well But Robert knew that slaves could be bought and sold at any time.
Mr. McKee could sell him too.




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