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Скачать Refuge of Whirling Light (Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series) бесплатно

Refuge of Whirling Light (Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series)
Mary Beath, V. B. Price | ISBN: 0826334237 | PDF | 193 pages | English | 6 MB

"ALTHOUGH WRITTEN ABOUT FAMILIAR PLACES - Chaco Canyon, Abiquiu, the Four Corners - these poems chart a unique geography. This is the terrain of wind, singing frogs, storms, and changing light, of risk and silence and sexual desire, of that which is both wild and holy. I love the unbounded, gutsy weather' of these poems." - Anne Batterson, author of The Black Swan "Beath's intensely visual story poems are utterly transporting, taking you out to longed-after landscapes and, at the exact same time, into the terrain of our hearts and souls. In the tradition of other keen-eyed, gutsy women who have bound themselves to the Southwest, Beath expresses for all of us - men and women - our desires for love and liberation, and how the land, every day, if we watch closely, offers us metaphors for both." - Susan J. Douglas, author of Where the Girls Are and The Mommy Myth"



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