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Скачать My Favorite Witch бесплатно

My Favorite Witch
Annette Blair | ISBN: 0425207234 | PDF | 291 pages | 2006 | 7 MB

"A delight, sure to touch your heart. The magic spotlights the humor that's intrinsic to the story. A definite charmer!" -- Romantic Times Bookclub

"Fabulous read! Witty, teasing, sexy banter, laugh-out-loud fun, a touch of the supernatural. MY FAVORITE WITCH, I agree!" -- Fresh Fiction

"Laughter, tugs on heartstrings, the beauty of unconditional love, strong words & characters, hot, explicitly sensual scenes, a great story." -- Romance Reviews Today

"Sexy banter, heart-tugging plot. Kira is a witch & no doubt she bewitched Jason & this reviewer. Pure entertaining romance." -- Reader to Reader

"Sparkles with a love so grand no magic could ever hope to create it, a love from the heart." -- Fallen Angel Reviews



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