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Скачать More Bullies in More Books. бесплатно

C. J. Bott, "More Bullies in More Books."
Publisher: The Scarecrow Press | ISBN: 0810866544 | 2009 edition | PDF | 208 Pages | 1.94 MB

Most people believe the myth that bullying in elementary school is only done on playgrounds and is usually just teasing. Other myths support the idea that there are people who deserve to be bullied or that a bully has a poor self-concept. Many still think of a big kid taking a smaller kid’s lunch money. Most people do not know that bullying is the generic term for all types of harassment. Most people do not know bullying behaviors start in preschool. Most people do not know that bullying starts with namecalling and can grow as far as physical violence. Most people do not know cyberbullying is the fastest-growing form of bullying in the world. There are still some people who believe bullying is just part of growing up, and what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Most people do not know the word “bullycide.”




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