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Скачать "Growing up jim crow". бесплатно

Jennifer Ritterhouse,"Growing up jim crow".
Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press. | ISBN: 0807830161 | 2006 edition | PDF | 321 Pages | 2.44 MB

My debts in this project are many and long-standing. For more than a decade (indeed, a solid third of my life), Jacquelyn Hall has guided my work and helped me to know myself and see who I want to be. I am grateful for her friendship, her steadfast support, the countless hours she has devoted to this and all of my projects, and the inspiring example she so gracefully sets in her own work and being. I amalso indebted to three other mentors, JohnKasson, Suzanne Lebsock, and Anne Scott, each of whomhas contributed a great deal to my intellectual development, and to awide circle of friends and colleagues from my graduate school days in Chapel Hill and beyond. Jim Leloudis, Joel Williamson, and Reginald Hildebrand served on my dissertation committee and offered advice and encouragement.




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