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Скачать The Doctor's Dilemma : A Novel By George Bernard Shaw бесплатно

The Doctor's Dilemma : A Novel By George Bernard Shaw
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics) (March 1, 1988) | ISBN-10: 0140450270 | PDF | ENG | 92 Pages | 400 KB

The Doctor's Dilemma is a play by G. Bernard Shaw first staged in 1906.In the play a number of dilemmas crop up, of which the surface one is that of a doctor who has developed a new cure for tuberculosis, but has only enough of it for one patient. He then has to choose which patient he is going to give it to: a kindly poor medical colleague, or an extremely gifted but also very unpleasant young artist with a young and vivacious wife with whom the doctor is somewhat in love, which makes it even harder for the doctor to separate his motives for the decision.



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