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Скачать The Scorpio Illusion бесплатно

Robert Ludlum"The Scorpio Illusion"
Publisher: Bantam (June 1, 1994) | 672 Pages | ISBN: 0553566032 | PDF | 1.4 MB

Ludlum fans who perhaps were frustrated by the author's last three novels (e.g., The Gemini Contenders , Audio Reviews, LJ 4/1/93) have a genuine treat in store with this one. The master of international intrigue is back, make no mistake about it. The producer offers an excellent abridgment, and the story is enhanced with music and read expertly by Robert Lansing. This is a riveting, fast-moving thriller full of violence, sex, thrills, and electronic wizardry--all the things one imagines for today's terrorists and intelligence agents. The story concerns Amayra Bajaratt, a beautiful terrorist, whose goal is nothing less than death for the heads of state of England, France, Israel, and the United States. Enter Tyrrell Hawthorne, ex-naval intelligence operative recruited by British military intelligence to stop "Little Girl Blood." Recommended for all popular adult collections.





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