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Скачать The Icarus Agenda бесплатно

Robert Ludlum"The Icarus Agenda"
Publisher: Bantam (February 1, 1992) | 688 Pages | ISBN: 0553278002 | PDF | 1.2 MB

The American embassy in Oman is seized by terrorists who threaten to execute their hostages. Evan Kendrick, a Colorado congressman who had made a fortune as a builder in that part of the world, offers to help free the captives, but asks that his role be kept secret. His mission to Masqat alone would have been a thrilling novel for another writer, but for Ludlum it is only the start of this long, intricate, exciting story of conspiracies within conspiracies. A year after the rescue, Kendrick finds himself famous as the hero of Masqat. The secret group Inver Brass (from Ludlum's The Chancellor Manuscript ) has determined to propel him into the highest offices. Is Inver Brass behind the murders of people close to Kendrick? Are the terrorists, assisted by top government figures, seeking revenge? Once you start reading you just can't stop. BOMC main selection. Charles Michaud, Turner Free Lib., Randolph, Mass.





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