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Скачать "The Plant". бесплатно

Stephen King, "The Plant".
Publisher: Zenith Houze. | ISBN: 0458956548 | 1981 edition | PDF | 217 Pages | 2.50 MB

A new year, and Hie slush in the slush pile grows ever deeper. I don't know how the rest of vour toiling editorial minions are doing, but I continue to roll the existential rock of America's unpublished aspiring—at least my share of it. All of which is only to say that 1 read m share of crud this week (and no, I haven't been smoking what V C. Fields called "the illicit spon-duix," either—I'm |ust having a prolix day). With your concurrence, I'm returning 15 book-length manuscripts which arrived unsolicited (see Returns, next page), 7 "outlines and sample chapters" and 4 unidentifiable blobs that look a bil like typescripts. One of them is a book of something called "gay event poetry" called Suck Mv Big Black Cock, and another, called Lll Lolita. is about a man in love with a first grader. I think. It's written in pencil and it's hard to tell for sure.




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