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Скачать James Hadley Chase - The Soft Centre бесплатно

James Hadley Chase - The Soft Centre
Publisher: Panther | 1967-01-01 | ISBN: 0552116491 | PDF | 158 pages | 1.04 MB

Val Burnett's husband, Chris, has had a fatal head injury and has now been brought to the Spanish Bay Hotel, Paradise City, to lie in the sun-and-sands and recuperate. He is almost a zombie by now, although there is hope of recovery. One day he vanishes from the Spanish Bay Hotel, only to be found the next day, roaming around in a disheveled state on the highway. The same day, a hard-faced prostitute, Joan Parnell, is found horrifically ripped apart in a nearby motel room. So far no connection. But a cigarette lighter presented to Chris by Val, is found in the scene of the crime. And blackmailers, gangsters, corrupt private eyes, homosexual criminals and other assorted crooks have a field day.....

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