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Скачать James Hadley Chase - Twelve Chinks and a Woman бесплатно

James Hadley Chase - Twelve Chinks and a Woman
Publisher: Harlequin | 1952 | ISBN: 0709152124 | PDF | 135 pages | 1.16 MB

When a curvaceous, beautiful girl walks into your office, strips, and offers you a $6,000 retainer to help her out of the trouble she's in, it's hard to refuse. Especially if you're private eye Dave Fenner, the man who busted the notorious Blandish case. But by the time Dave had been beaten half to death and been forced to shoot his way out of a load of very unhealthy situations, he realised that chivalry - even if it was paid for in hard cash - was no way to stay alive...

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