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Скачать Science Fiction And Fantasy Artists Of The Twentieth Century: A Biographical Dictionary бесплатно

Jane Frank, "Science Fiction And Fantasy Artists Of The Twentieth Century: A Biographical Dictionary"
McFarland | 2009-02-11 | ISBN: 0786434236 | 534 pages | PDF | 3,5 MB

This biographical dictionary presents information on 400 artists whose influence and illustrative contributions to the fields of science fiction and fantasy literature helped define the 20th century as the "Science Fiction Century" and helped established science fiction and fantasy as unique and identifiable genres. In addition to providing basic, inclusive biographical data on venerable artists from Chris Achilleos to John Michael Zeleznik, each entry also includes a bibliographic listing of each artist's published work in the genre.

Designed as a comprehensive, up-to-date reference guide for researchers, scholars, collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts, the book also includes an extensive and informative historical overview of modern science fiction art, written by the author and Robert Weinberg. Appendices list the recipients of all major awards specific to science fiction and fantasy art, including the Hugo Awards, the World Fantasy Awards, the Chesley Awards, the British Science Fiction Association Awards and the British Fantasy Awards.

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