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Скачать Flawed Landscape: Poems, 1987-2008 бесплатно

Flawed Landscape: Poems, 1987-2008
Interlink Books | ISBN: 1566567343 | 2008-12-30 | PDF | 71 pages | 6 Mb

"Flawed Landscape is an extraordinary book that verges between the grief of being displaced and the joy of being alive. Elmusa speaks with the anger of the aggrieved, but also with tenderness and understanding for those he left behind and those he meets along the way. Elmusa is a true poet, a yearner for a better life and for the constancy of time."
--Pablo Medina, poet, author of Points of Balance/Puntos de apoyo

"Sharif Elmusa writes with exquisite energy and empathy, and has, for decades, been one of my favorite poets. His work is original and necessary. Celebrate this stunning collection!"
--Naomi Shihab Nye, writer and anthologist

"These are an exile's poems, marked by loss but offered with a generous spirit. Through them, the landscape transforms--revealing, through Elmusa's vision, its difficult beauty. This is not grounds for despair, then. But ground to work from. That is hope, indeed."

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