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Скачать Necklace of Kisses бесплатно

Necklace of Kisses
Publisher: HarperCollins | ISBN: 0060777516 | edition 2005 | PDF | 240 pages | 1 mb

The gentle punk fairy-tale series about Weetzie Bat and her Los Angeles friends, lovers, and family broke new YA ground, and author Block has just received the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in YA literature. Now Weetzie Bat is 40 and facing a midlife crisis, and so is her boyfriend, Secret Agent Lover Man, who, since 9/11, just sits idly reading the newspaper. She leaves, hoping to find herself, but this time, rather than meditating in the wilderness, she remains in her beloved L.A., moving into the expensive and magical Pink Hotel, where she luxuriates in room service, gets her nails and toenails done, kisses a sushi-eating mermaid, chats to her father's ghost, and gets a necklace of gifts from a diva, an angel, a faun, and more. The self-parody is as wonderful as ever--Weetzie doesn't have to save the world; she can just go shopping--and, as always, the magic is in the detail: wearing her raspberry snakeskin sandals, dipping her roll in olive oil and basil, surreal stuff happens. Sometimes things get a little too "numinous" (Weetzie's favorite word), but the celebration of the silly and the magical in a scary, sad world will appeal to all those once-teen fans who remember Weetzie and, just like her, now need a rewrite.

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