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Скачать "Some Love Songs of Petrarch", translated and annotated by William Dudley Foulke бесплатно

"Some Love Songs of Petrarch", translated and annotated with a Biographical Introduction by William Dudley Foulke
Oxford University Press | 1915 | ISBN: n/a | 245 pages | PDF | 6 Mb

A collection of 49 poems, mostly love poems to his friend Laura. This is a ed.&cleared facsimile from the original book.
"Across the centuries and in every land
His name is honoured still. In that long night
When learning's flame was quenched, it was his hand
That lit the torch and brought the welcome light."

"So says the world, and yet we treasure more
These songs that tell of frailties like our own.-
The fruitless love which many a year he bore
That grew the brighter when its hope was gone.
The lays wherein his passion was enshrined
Outlast the ages. While from day to day.
I read his lines, old age is left behind
And youth returns; these scattered locks of gray
Turn brown once more, and solemn wisdom dies
Under the witchery of my lady's eyes."

Ode to Petrarch
Introduction and Biography
Love Songs of Petrarch
Appendix I Laura
Appendix II ‘epistle to Posterity’ 1
Appendix III Catalogue of Petrarch’s Works
Index of First Lines

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