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Скачать Three Men and a Maid : A Novel By P. G. Wodehouse бесплатно

Three Men and a Maid : A Novel By P. G. Wodehouse
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing (June 30, 2004) | ISBN-10: 1419189840 | ENG | PDF | 395 KB | 168 Pages

A transatlantic voyage sets the stage for love and madcap farce in P.G. Wodehouse's 1929 comic tale Three Men and a Maid. Billie Bennett - a lively young American woman on her way to England. On board with Billie are her fianc, the intellectual and artistic Eustace Hignett, Billie's good pal Bream Mortimer, and Sam Marlowe, Eustace's cousin. Billie gets more than she bargained for as the ship sets sail. Although she is set to marry Eustace, she soon realizes that all three men have feelings for her. Add a rough-and-ready fellow female traveler who just happens to fall head over heels for Eustace, and you have the perfect recipe for confusion of the most amusing Wodehousian sort. Who will end up with whom? As the ship makes its way across the ocean, hearts will be broken and mended in the most interesting and hilarious ways.



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