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Скачать The Tale of Samuel Whiskers (Beatrix Potter Library) бесплатно

The Tale of Samuel Whiskers (Beatrix Potter Library)
Egmont Books Ltd | 32 pages | 1995 | ISBN: 0749823437 | PDF | 7.5 mb

Beatrix Potter is my favorite children's author. Her use of language is incredible, and her story lines are just dark enough to be interesting, and not so dark that they are truly terrifying.
Samuel Whiskers is the story of how Tom Kitten is almost made into a pudding dumpling. Highlights include an argument between Samuel Whiskers and his wife, Anna Maria, on the proper way to make a pudding, and Tom Kitten who, at the height of his regret about climbing the chimney, finds delight in how he's sweeping the chimney with his clothes.
Those who are heavily PC may not appreciate Potter's references to snuff, and whipping, but for the rest of us, those references add real color and interest to the story.

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