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Скачать Little (Grrl) Lost бесплатно

Little (Grrl) Lost
Viking Juvenile | 288 Pages | 2007 | ISBN: 0670061441 | PDF | 2,74 Mb

When fourteen-year-old TJ and her family are forced to move from their farm to the suburbs, she has to give up her beloved horse, Red—but she makes a surprising new friend. Elizabeth is a "Little," a six-inch-high punked-out teen with an attitude, who has run away from home to make her way in the world.TJ and Elizabeth—the Big and the Little—soon become friends, but each quickly finds herself in a truly life-threatening situation, and they are unable to help each other. Little (Grrl) Lost is a delightful combination of realism, magic, humor, and hope, and is sure to win Charles de Lint many new teen and adult fans.
Summary: 4/10 (mediocre, somewhat disappointing)
Rating: 2

Overall, Charles de Lint's novel Little (Grrl) Lost was mediocre, bordering on disappointing. I have had no experience with de Lint's other novels, however I have heard that he is something of a pioneer in the so-called "contemporary fantasy" genre in which fantastical or mythic elements are blended with realism and the modern world.

Perhaps the major shortcoming in Little (Grrl) Lost was lack of depth. Depth of setting, character, and actions and consequences makes a speculative fiction piece believable. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure if this book was attempting to be realistic or not. T.J. "Googled" a made-up race of Littles and got hits: who would know someone wasn't making it up? Role-playing? Writing a tabloid-type online magazine? The juxtaposition of realistic and unrealistic details was jarring and confusing, and the random realistic details seemed to me a cheap way to add believability in the absence of depth.

Not only were setting details and actions rather shallow and unbelievable, I had a hard time imagining T.J. and Elizabeth and T.J.'s various romantic interests throughout the book. I was told several times about Elizabeth's attitude and punkiness but I got a picture in my head of a whiny, immature teenage Little who acted half her age. "I'm totally hot and bored..." says she. I thought, yes, me too. The other characters were just as inhuman and flat.

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