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Скачать To Hunt a Wolf бесплатно

To Hunt a Wolf
Absolute XPress (July 1, 2009) | ISBN: 1894817591 | 200 pages | PDF | 2.5 MB

Adrian Gentry and his two sisters are long thought dead by their family. Taken captive by a vampire when they were young, Adrian assumed that Adam was killed that day until he felt Adam dying. Badly hurt and malnourished, Adrian finally escapes, knowing it is only a matter of time before his master finds him missing and hunts him down.

When Natalie Cash finds a wounded wolf on her property, she tries to help him. Calling in the local vet to help proves unwise, but Natalie will do all she can to see the wolf nursed back to health.

As he heals, Adrian finds himself falling for his new owner and despite his dislike of the vet, he knows he needs the man’s help - he has a silver bullet embedded in his rump.

Stuck in his wolf form, how will he convince Natalie to have the bullet removed and how will she take it when she discovers the truth that he is not only a wolf but a werewolf — part wolf and part man? Will she be as free with her affections for him then or will she throw him out to fend for himself in a world he no longer understands?

About the Author
Elizabeth L’Inconnu is a writer of varied interests whose fiction is often witty and charming. Whether her tales center on a love-struck lone werewolf or the lonely heart of a vampire, they are sure to entertain.

Prior to embarking on a writing career, Elizabeth worked in a variety of jobs from fruit picker to library technician, including juggling household engineering and being the mother of two wonderful children.

Elizabeth also functioned as a web page designer for a few years and as a newsletter editor/publisher for several organizations.

Having always had an interest in writing fiction, Elizabeth finally decided it was time to take out the silver bullet and aim for the stars. She loves to read and write paranormal, science-fiction, fantasy, action and suspense, and of course romance, and has been happily married to her romantically charming Gemini firefighter, Dennis, for twenty-seven years after a whirlwind, love at first sight, romance, and a Valentine’s Day proposal just two weeks after they met.
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