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Скачать Elizabeth Bevarly - Take Me, I'm Yours бесплатно

Elizabeth Bevarly - Take Me, I'm Yours
Publisher: Avon | 2002-04-01 | ISBN: 0380819600 | PDF | 384 pages | 1.11 MB

Ruby Runyon's hot date turns out to be mob-connected and married, and her only chance of escape is to crash a swanky party. At least the rich and snooty aren't out to kill her! Then, she's practically seduced by a man who is actually named Keaton Hamilton Donning III. He's out of her league, but he's also oh-so-strong and protective... and Ruby sure could use protecting right now...
Most men have a secret -- and Keaton is no exception, because the unruffled chief adviser to one of the world's most snobbish royals longs to break free. After all, how many awful society parties -- with their watered-down cocktails and guests who speak with their jaws firmly clenched -- can one man take? Ruby turns his well-ordered existence on its head. She's sexy and sassy and just right for passion, But is he truly willing to take all she has to offer -- including her love?

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