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Скачать Jo Beverley - Three Heroes бесплатно

Jo Beverley - Three Heroes
Publisher: NAL Trade | 2004-06-01 | ISBN: 0451212002 | PDF | 688 pages | 1.85 MB

Two beloved novels and an extraordinary novella, brought together for the first time in this special trade edition...
The Demon's Mistress-A wealthy widow hires a war-torn hero to pretend to be her fianc, but what will happen when he learns the truth about the woman he has come to love? The Dragon's Bride-The new Earl of Wyvern arrives at his fortress on the cliffs of Devon to find a woman from his past waiting for him-pistol in hand. Will they find a way to reclaim the love in their hearts?
The Devil's Heiress-No one needs Clarissa Graystone's fortune more than Major George Hawkinville...but how will he ignore the hunger in his heart when Clarissa boldly steps into his trap?

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