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Скачать National Lampoon’s Animal House бесплатно

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After 29 years of being out of print and almost unobtainable, National Lampoon’s Animal House (the book) has been rereleased on an unsuspecting public. Written by Chris Miller (based on the screenplay by Harold Ramis, Douglas Kenney, and Chris Miller) The National Lampoon’s Animal House Book follows pretty much the same plot as the wild (and wildly popular) film of the same name.

Included in the 127 page yearbook style book are pictures from the film set, interesting drawings by National Lampoon artists, a few comic strip interpretations of key scenes, and more backstory than readers might even know what to do with. Each section of the book is preceded by a brilliantly illustrated two page drawing and heading; something like a cross between a comic book and a painting.
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