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Скачать Montague Summers, "The Vampire in Europe" бесплатно

Montague Summers, The Vampire in Europe

Montague Summers, "The Vampire in Europe"
University Books | 1968 | ASIN: B0007DUZ3W | 352 pages | siPDF | 9.4 MB

Renowned occultist and clergyman Montague Summers explores the realm of Dracula, Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire and stunning monsters. He comes up with some very shocking possibilities as well as "true tales" of terror from England, Ireland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, et al.


Foreword by Father Brocard Sewell
1 The Vampire in Greece and Rome of Old
2 The Vampire in England and Ireland, and Some Latin Lands
3 Hungary and Czecho-Slovakia
 Dissertatio De Masticatione Mortuorum
  Part I. An Historical Survey
  Part II. Some Philosophical Considerations
4 Modern Greece
5 Russia, Roumania and Bulgaria

Tags: qFolklore, qMythology, qAnthropology, qHistory, qLiterature


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