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Скачать Benita Kane Jaro - The Lock бесплатно

Benita Kane Jaro - The Lock
Publisher: Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers | 2002-07-01 | ISBN: 0865165351 | PDF | 313 pages | 1.02 MB

Benita Kane Jaro presents the major characters and events in the waning Roman Republic from the point of view of Cicero, the greatest orator and finest statesman of ancient Rome. She also depicts the conflict that led to the collapse of the Republic and Cicero's single-handed struggle which staved off its collapse for 15 years.
In The Lock, the principal figures of the age: Julius Caesar, Cicero, Pompey the Great make their appearance and play out their fateful struggle. The novel has a deep rethinking of the character of Marcus Tullius Cicero and a reassessment of his life and work. His warmth and wit, his intelligence, his integrity and his courage make him a hero for our time as well as his own.
Built around the letters and speeches of Cicero, many of which appear in the novel in new and lively translations by the author, The Lock is historically accurate and carefully researched. It may be read independently as a single novel, or as the second volume of the trilogy The Key, The Lock, and The Door in the Wall. It features maps of Rome and the Empire, specially drawn for the novel, and includes a reader-friendly list of Principal Characters and a Chronology of Events in the novel. No other novel so deeply examines Cicero and his times.

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