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Скачать A Woman's Innocence бесплатно

A Woman's Innocence By Gayle Callen
Publisher: Avon | Publication Date: 2005-04-01 | ISBN: 0060543965 | 384 pages | PDF | 716 Kb

Product Description:

In the final instalment of Gayle Callen's exciting Spies and Lovers trilogy, a mad-dash search for truth brings together an unlikely pair - a woman accused of treason, and the man who convicted her...

Now that he finally has the infamous traitor, Julia Reed, in jail, you would think English agent Samuel Sherryngton would be pleased to see justice served. But circumstances aren't always what they appear to be, and the facts aren't adding up. Soon Sam has doubts over her guilt which, of course, has nothing to do with the attraction for Julia he's been fighting against for so many years. Not willing to see her executed for a crime she may not have committed, Sam defies the laws of England and breaks Julia out of jail. What initially began as a search to find proof convicting Julia quickly turns into a quest to prove her innocence. Can this bold and dashing pair discover the truth and still find time for love?

Summary: absolutely wonderful
Rating: 5

This book was just as wonderful as all of gayle callens books. it was the last one that i read of hers, it was so hard to find. The characters are so true to life. I love that the books are all set in victorian england when it was so inappropiate for a woman to be alone with a man. That is one thing that makes gayle callen's books so exciting.

Summary: A Waste of Time
Rating: 2

The last of the spymaster trilogy, this book zeroes in upon the outcome of Julia's arrest that took place on the previous book for betraying her country. From the start of the book, Sam, got implicated into a murder related to her case, and he masterfully helped her escape from prison. And they proceeded to attempt to discover who the true traitor was by going to Julia and her brother's family home masquerading as two constables. Sam's family were employed for generations under Julia's estate, and one by one, they discover their true identity. By searching the house and interviewing the staff, they soon discover who the real traitor was, and in the end exonerated both Julia and Sam, and other pieces of their "shattered" lives were resolved and they lived happily ever after.

First of all, Julia kept acting upon her own wisdom without the writer giving us a heads-up, and makes her appear impulsive. For example, when Sam had a rival tied up in one of the rooms with every intention to question him further, Julia on her way up to her room by herself, suddenly waltzes into that room, and frees him! He was to be their only living witness, and she lets him go? What idiot would do that. When Sam finds out, you'd think he'd be furious, but instead, he feels touched that she would save him the agony of potential guilt when he would have possibly tortured him in order to gather info. I would have wringed her neck.

The character development of both characters were sorely lacking. Julia was supposed to be educated, widely traveled, and sexually experienced, yet she came off as being too naive, her problem solving skills were not expressed nearly enough to demonstrate an intelligent, independent woman. As their situation got precarious, she keeps thinking about having sex w/ Sam instead of the case at hand. She didn't express nervousness as much as wanting to be close to someone. But then a fleeting thought would flitter across her brain about the possibility of going back to prison, and maybe executed?! I would have rings under my eyes from the worry, but not Julia.

Lastly, Sam was an interesting character, but was not developed enough. He was likeable, but his "disturbing past" working overseas was totally no big deal. Oftentimes people are forced to become a different person during times of war or during life and death situations. Somehow, this stain from his past implied that he had become some sort of monster, but he never acted like a monster, even when he put on his malicious face, I felt that should be expected, so I don't know why Julia was so concerned.

I'm still determined to read all of Callen's books, but I have to say, this was not one of her best. It wasn't even good.

Summary: Fresh, breezy read
Rating: 5

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was a very light and easy read. I read the first two books in this trilogy. I liked the first one but thought the second was too much of a rehash of the first to be really enjoyable so I was very pleasantly suprised with the third installment.
Nick and Will do not make an appearance until the end and that allows Sam's and Julia's story to stand on its own.
I would have liked to have seen where Nick and Will learn the truth and perhaps apologized to Julia but that didn't happen.
As it is, I like how the story ends because Julia gets her heart's desire and I think throughout the story you really get a sense of how lonely she is. So, in my opinion, it ended well.

Summary: Specifically, 3.7 stars
Rating: 4

While not one of Callen's best, or particularly riveting, A Woman's Innocence did hold my interest rather well. Sam & Julia are good together, the solving of the murder (accumulating evidence really) is fairly well done, and Sam's family makes good secondary characters. The problems are the easily handled henchman and the way everyone suddenly accepts Julia and Sam as a couple. Sam himself had major reservations because of their difference in station; suddenly, at the end, everyone -- including his mother who was quite outspoken -- is all in favor of it. Nor is there any mention of how the awkwardness of a son and sibling becoming the master was handled. Too quick and easy a resolution, which is the main reason for lowering the rating.

Summary: FInal Installment of Spies and Lovers trilogy
Rating: 4

A WOMAN'S INNOCENCE is the third and final novel in the Spies and Lovers trilogy, written by talented author Gayle Callen. This historical romance is an exciting romp through history, peppered with adventure and steeped in forbidden love. The characters shine through with pure Callen style and the plot is fast-paced and stimulating. Readers who love a bit of suspense and intrigue with their romance will adore Gayle Callen's latest novel.

Though the book can be read as a stand-alone romance, I'd highly recommend reading all three in the trilogy just to get a feel for the richness of the Spies and Lovers history. Callen truly has a gift - weaving an intricate and fascinating tale and filling it with characters that come to life upon the page. I actually find myself sorry to see the last of the sexy, sensitive spies and their witty, outrageous lovers! If only there were one more book in the series...

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