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Скачать Paul Sheeran - Literature and International Relations бесплатно

Paul Sheeran - Literature and International Relations
Publisher: Ashgate | 2007-12-21 | ISBN: 0754646130 | PDF | 238 pages | 1.08 MB

Sheeran makes a strong case for the relevance of literary production for an understanding of international relations and is persuasive of the potential rewards of developing a methodology to bring literature to bear on a discipline which has tended to neglect fictional sources. The author considers the deep insight that can be gained from the study of key works in fiction and literature to enhance knowledge of the social forces shaping world affairs. Whilst there are numerous works relevant, the author has carefully selected multi faceted and colourful sources of material to explore developments in contemporary global issues such as the demise of Soviet Union, the attack on the World Trade Centre, infectious diseases and human conflict. This exciting book breaks new ground and is presented with much enthusiasm. As such it is highly suitable for courses on international relations, cultural studies and literature.

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