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Скачать Sleepers Awake: A Novel бесплатно

Sleepers Awake: A Novel
Patrick McNulty | Kunati Inc. | Pages: 272 | 2009-05-01 | ISBN: 1601641664 | PDF | 12.53 MB

In this dark fantasy, a militia of ghostly bounty hunters is employed by the mysterious Ministry of the Wraith to find and destroy "sleepers"—evil, violent creatures from an invisible world. Bishop Kane, one of the vigilante wraiths, is sent on a mission to the small Alaska town where he was killed nearly 30 years ago. His prey is the wife of the of the town sheriff, who is also Kane’s daughter, a daughter he thought was dead and who was the cause of his death. The sheriff foils the assassination attempt against his wife, and learns the terrible truth about her identity and the evil she unwittingly harbors. As cataclysmic events unfold, ever increasing numbers of citizens die and are transformed into wolf-like monsters. When darkness falls, a menacing army of spectral beasts emerges from the shadows led by the woman both men have loved, and whom both men have vowed to kill before the next sunset. To protect the huddled and terrified townspeople, he must pay the ultimate price.




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