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Скачать Another Woman's Lipstick бесплатно

Another Woman's Lipstick
Publisher: Berkley Trade | ISBN: 0425207560 | edition 2006 | PDF | 224 pages | 1,99 mb

The 35 million fans of TV's Red Shoe Diaries want more... Shatter the limits of erotic entertainment once again in this sensual quartet of tales inspired by the hit series-stories of men and women letting go and loving it. ...and we're giving it to them. In Just Like That, an orderly receptionist in a law firm has her world turned upside down when she meets two men. Together they're ompeting to fulfill her fantasies. Winner take all. In Another Woman's Lipstick, a woman who has discovered her husband's affair decides to secretly follow the lovers. Where it takes her s someplace she never dreamed she'd be. Someplace forbidden. In Talk to Me, Baby, a young woman catches her boyfriend cheating. Now he's proving his love in ways neither could have imagined. Plus, a special bonus story that takes sensual exploration to the utmost limits-Sex in the Hamptons.

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