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Скачать Angelo Passaro - The Wisdom of Ben Sira: Studies on Tradition, Redaction, and Theology бесплатно

Angelo Passaro - The Wisdom of Ben Sira: Studies on Tradition, Redaction, and Theology
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter | 2008-08-20 | ISBN: 3110194996 | PDF | 411 pages | 1.05 MB

The Book of Sirach raises many questions: philological, exegetical, literary, historical, theological. There were even confessional questions which divided the traditions of synagogues and churches. It is, therefore, a fascinating book, located on the edges of the canon. Does the book attempt to repair the harm done by the erosive criticism of Job and Qoheleth, or is it the work of a thoughtful interpreter who, in a time of change, seeks to bear the tradition towards the new situation emerging from the Hellenistic Diaspora? Is it a book which aims at the restoration of the true faith against the autonomous questing of human wisdom, or is it merely a sincere, if shrewd, experiment at dialogue between the legitimate reasoning of the world and the wisdom given in the Law? According to a well-tried methodology of juxtaposing the specialists of different schools, this volume presents an up to date consideration of historical, exegetical and theological research.

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