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Скачать Tell Me a Story бесплатно

Tell Me a Story
Publisher: Hay House | ISBN: 1561708747 | edition 2001 | PDF | 164 pages | 6,8 mb

Once upon a time, there was a man who sought a way to reach others with words. In his quest to touch people’s lives for his Master, he set out in pursuit of the words his subscribers would find so inviting to read that, until they finished, they would be unaware they had learned something of great value. Forlorn, the editor could find precious few who would spin the creative verbal webs he sought.
Then one day, an enchanting parable came to him via the great expanse we have come to call cyberspace. And lo, many were touched, as was the man himself. Then came another, and another, and soon the editor’s daily postings were graced with the charming allegories he had been seeking for lo these
many years.

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