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Скачать Raiders from the Rings бесплатно

Alan E. Nourse «Raiders from the Rings»
Publisher: D. McKay Co | Edition: 1962 | ISBN: N/A | PDF | 210 pages | 1,34 Mb

THE RAIDERS could hear the mauki’s chant from the moment they boarded the ship from Earth.
It came from somewhere deep in the heart of the craft, and they paused as soon as the outer hatchway
had been forced, listening in spite of themselves in the darkness of the corridor. It came to them softly at
first: a clear, sweet woman’s voice, sharp as crystal in their ears. Then it rose higher, mournful and
shattering, and the words became distinct in the ancient, heart-rending lament that the raiders had heard
so many times before. Urgent as their mission was, they could not help but listen for a moment, feeling the
wave of sadness and longing surging up in their throats.




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