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Скачать Shattered Crystals (Holocaust Diaries) бесплатно

Shattered Crystals (Holocaust Diaries)
C I S Communications | 406 pages | 1997 | ISBN: 1560623179 | PDF | 3.5 mb

Dear Eve, I marvel that you were able first of all in establishing communication with your mother so that she would tell you in remarkable detail what she endured in those terrible years. Then as one who had tried to wrest from my own parents some account of their journey from Russia and Poland to America and failed to even glean the name of the village in which my father lived near Kiev, you have achieved something quite miraculous in being able to write the story of your parents in such rich detail. It is a story that engages the reader and grips us until Sal and Mia reach America and are reunited with their two older daughters. If I were the editor, I would have suggested that you conclude your story there, merely adding a brief epilogue or footnote regarding their life in America and another footnote about the OSE reunions. I would certainly have omitted the sentence, "I told her my story ...." on p. 402, because we do not need to be told this. It is understandable that one would want to include the information in this chapter, but the writing here is too much like a hasty cataloguing of facts. Still, the book was wondrous to this reader, as I was able to experience with Mia much that she suffered and can only admire her strength and resilience, uprooted and hounded time and time again by the Nazis. Interesting to have her story placed in the historical perspective, as the Nazis moved through Europe, so that I concluded with a better picture of what the war meant to the people of Germany and France.

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