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Скачать The Writers Directory 2010, Volume 2: M-Z бесплатно

Lisa Kumar, "The Writers Directory 2010, Volume 2: M-Z"
St. James Press | 2009 | ISBN: 1558627022 | 1417 pages | PDF | 11,4 MB

The Writers Directory 2010 is the newly revised and
expanded twenty-fifth edition of this acclaimed reference
work. It lists over 23,340 writers—writing under 25,454
names—from all countries of the world who have had at
least one work published in English.

The main section of the Directory lists approximately
23,051 living writers of fiction and non-fiction who have
published at least one full-length work in English. Listees run
the gamut from the best-known, best selling authors of fiction
and the most prominent non-fiction writers to those writers
just embarking on their literary careers. Included in this
section are nearly 1,000 writers whose listings have not appeared
in a previous edition ofThe Writers Directory.

The Obituaries Section contains the entries for approximately
289 writers whose listings have appeared in
previous editions of The Writers Directory and whose passing
was made known to us in preparing this edition.

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