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Скачать Stephen W. Hines - Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farm Journalist: Writings from the Ozarks бесплатно

Stephen W. Hines - Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farm Journalist: Writings from the Ozarks
Publisher: University of Missouri Press | 2007-12-03 | ISBN: 0826217710 | PDF | 312 pages | 1.08 MB

Before Wilder found fame with her Little House books, she made a name for herself with short nonfiction pieces in magazines and newspapers. This volume collects essays that originally appeared in the Missouri Ruralist between 1911 and 1924. Building on the initial compilation entitled Little House in the Ozarks, this revised edition adds forty-two additional articles and restores passages previously omitted from others. Wilder advises women of her generation on such timeless issues as how to be an equal partner with their husbands, how to support the new freedoms they d won with the right to vote, and how to maintain important family values in their changing world. Yet she also discusses such practical matters as how to raise chickens and save time on household tasks. Hines s introduction places the essays in their biographical and historical context, showing how they present Wilder s unique perspective on life and politics during the World War I era while commenting on the challenges of surviving and thriving in the rustic Ozark hill country.

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