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Скачать Sharan Strange - Ash бесплатно

Sharan Strange - Ash
Publisher: Beacon Press | 2001-04-18 | ISBN: 0807068632 | PDF | 68 pages | 1.01 MB

The poetry of Sharan Strange is a compelling series of revelations on life and living in a rural Southern town. Dorothy: Being a foster kid gave her second-class/status, but she was still our hero./An outcast like us, she was an ally against/school bullies and neighborhood brats./Though we were all poor, she was rejected/for more simple-minded, human reasons./With smoke-dark skin, hair no longer/than a snap, and legs covered with sores,/any hope she nursed of being found/desirable or cherished was revoked./She retaliated with a physical prowess/that awed us. Endless chores gave her/muscles to rival the older boys'/and she stunned them in short breathless tussles/that often drew blood. We envied her a body/whose strength matched its rage./At fourteen, she could beat a man./In our small world, she seemed invincible,/until we learned her one weakness:/a love for my brother that, unreturned,/provoked the only fight she willingly lost.

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