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Скачать John E. Bassett - Sherwood Anderson: An American Career бесплатно

John E. Bassett - Sherwood Anderson: An American Career
Publisher: Susquehanna University Press | 2005-11 | ISBN: 1575911027 | PDF | 146 pages | 1.04 MB

"Sherwood Anderson: An American Career" is the first critical introduction to this important Midwestern and American writer in over a quarter century. While reevaluating the accomplishments in Winesburg, Ohio and Anderson's other novels and short stories, it pays more attention to his non-fictional, autobiographical, and journalistic writing than do previous studies. It draws on unpublished manuscripts in the Newberry Library Anderson papers that shed new light on a prolific career, manuscripts such as "Talbott Whittingham" and "An Ohio Paper."

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