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Скачать Sara Pujol Russell - The Poetry of Sara Pujol Russell бесплатно

Sara Pujol Russell - The Poetry of Sara Pujol Russell
Publisher: Susquehanna University Press | 2005-10 | ISBN: 1575910993 | PDF | 123 pages | 1.07 MB

Sara Pujol Russell's poetry is extraordinary for the density of presence and for its lyrical complexity. This is highly conceptualized, metaphysical poetry that challenges us to unwrap her imagery word for word and thus to enter intimately into her special universe. Such poetry relies less on narrative and more on the compulsion of words themselves. As Pujol herself remarks, "the anecdote is not important - it only interests me insofar as it is the celebration of the heart of flames, as a festival of reason leaning into its own ardor - if it is a vital experience surpassing its own circumstance, if it is spiritual life transcending its own limitations, if it is an interpretation of being and existing in the world." She has been publishing poetry since the 1980s. Her poetry has appeared in Catalan and Spanih, and has been translated into Italian, French, Portuguese, Lithuanian, and Chinese. This is the first English translation of her poetry and includes poems from three of her books, "El fuego tiende su aire", "Intacto asombro en la luz del silencio", and "Para decir si a la carencia, si a la naranja, al azafran en el pan". Noel Valis is Professor of Spanih at Yale University.

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