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Скачать Joolz Denby - Billie Morgan <AudioBook> бесплатно

Joolz Denby - Billie Morgan

Joolz Denby - Billie Morgan (2005) Unabridged
Clipper Audio | ISBN 1846325226 | Narrated by the Author | 9CDs | MP3 96kpbs | 10Hrs 52Mins | 450Mbs

Tracks every ± 3 mins

'My name is Billie Morgan and I am a murderer'

Billie is in her forties, running a little jewellery shop in Bradford, watching over her godson Natty, trying to live a quiet life, trying to forget the past. Because Billie has a lot of past to forget. She was a biker chick, one of the Devil's Own, real hardcore seventies angels, speed and acid-fuelled road demons. She lived a life that was hurtling out of control and it ended in murder. Now, years later, she has to face the consequences...

Beautifully written, dark but never despairing, Billie Morgan is a perfect fusion between social realism and classic noir; a powerful, passionate novel about an inability to wipe evil from the slate of our lives.

Joolz Denby


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