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Скачать Omega бесплатно

Signet | ISBN 0451193237 | 1998 | PDF | 335 pages | 1.14 MB

What if a string of drug-resistant antibodies were running loose in and around Los Angeles and jumping between different types of infection, and what if you were head of a trauma unit in a medical center watching your patients succumb to these infections, and what if your daughter?your one and only child?became infected with this super bacteria and you learned that there just might be a cure with a powerful, new, genetically engineered antibiotic? In Lynch's newest work, Dr. Marcus Ford finds himself in that situation. As he tries to locate this elusive antibiotic, his search leads him to a couple of high-powered pharmaceutical companies. Meanwhile, he must continue to deal with his patients, his daughter's illness, and the media, which have portrayed him as some sort of monster. Just when he thinks things couldn't get worse, they do; he always seems to be one step behind the help he needs.


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