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Скачать Motoo Eetee: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World бесплатно

Irv C. Rogers, "Motoo Eetee: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World"
McBooks Press | 2002 | ISBN: 1590130189 | 386 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

From Publishers Weekly
A man battles both nature and his fellow man on a tiny island in the South Pacific in Rogers's gripping and grim debut. The year is 1820, and the Dove, loaded with sealskins and oil, is en route to China from the cold, rocky islands far south of New Zealand. When her captain inexplicably anchors her in the lagoon of an uncharted island, disaster strikes: a fierce gale wrecks the Dove, and only four men make it ashore. There's Captain Tobit, the arrogant Bible-thumper; Mr. Morgen, the irascible first mate; Harrison, the gentle ship's carpenter; and Thomas, a hotheaded seaman who reasonably enough blames the captain for the death of his shipmates. Naked, without tools or weapons, the two officers and two seamen must struggle for survival. But finding food and water proves less of a problem than the pecking order, and tension quickly builds as the officers and men vie for control of their tiny kingdom. Hope arrives in the form of a ship, but when the captain convinced it's manned by convicts and killers ruins their chances for rescue, Thomas decides to strike out on his own. Though the deluded, power-hungry captain isn't an entirely believable character, Rogers's gritty, atmospheric tale is skillfully told and offers a balance of suspense and sea lore. And for unlucky sea cadets, it can double as a survival handbook: Rogers details tips for erecting huts, making fires, sewing clothes from animal skins, catching food and building a sailing canoe.
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

"Breathing new life into some ancient, powerful themes, the result transcends the genre, approaching the austere power of classic tragedy." -- Nicholas Nicastro, Author of The Eighteenth Captain: A Novel of John Paul

"Gripping. . . . Rogers’s gritty, atmospheric tale is skillfully told." -- Publishers Weekly

"Irving Rogers knows ships and the sea. He understands sailors and can tell a story. I thoroughly enjoyed Motoo Eetee." -- David Donachie author of The Privateersman Mystery Novels

: ". . . extraordinary, and hard to put down. It's exciting, thought-provoking, moving. The sea, ship, and characters are impeccable." -- Jan Needle author of the Sea Officer William Bentley Novels

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